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Remodelling The Rotary Experience Around Modern Life

A new wave of volunteering has come ashore as the Gold Coast welcomes a fresh take on what it means to be a Rotary Club.

Proudly forming as the 25th Passport Rotary Club in the world, the young dynamic Gold Coast club has centred around flexibility and action, to attract a sprightly hoard of participants to combat local issues and causes as well as global struggles.

As the first Passport club in Australia, they hold bi-monthly meetups in Robina where members converse, sip and nibble on the last Tuesday of each month. As a Passport club, the impact of members spans beyond the borders of the Gold Coast city limits and lands internationally as well. Members have the opportunity to ‘exchange’ or connect with members and initiatives of other clubs and members across the globe.

The clubs seeks to create a community of driven young professionals, to create great outcomes both for the club, but individually for the members as well. Ideal candidates include the likes of young entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads with the group’s delivery is designed with this modern volunteer in mind.

The outcome already of a redesigned club structure, is an apparent eagerness to create exceptional outcomes and truly collaborative networking amongst a tight-knit group with parallel intention.

Volunteering and contribution options are innately dynamic, to allow for the widest possible access points to be available to aspiring members. This includes refreshed digital communications, more flexibility in volunteering hours and mediums, along with informational and marketing content written intentionally to speak to under 50s.

Our Mission​

Our mission is to future proof Rotary by attracting young innovative changemakers via networking and technology to collaborate, share skills and learn alongside our Rotarian family to actively give back to our local and global community.

Our club's four pillars

Gold Coast Passport Club have been achieve in the community provided hands on assistance where needed, working with organisations who are in desperate need of young energy to project manage fundraisers and bring awareness to so many great causes.

Our club are diverse and with a healthy variety of skillsets we come together to collaborate and achieve the best the best result we can to create the largest impact we can.


In recent years, the Gold Coast has seen a concerning increase in its homeless population. Our club is dedicated to initiating projects and partnering with charities aimed at assisting individuals without homes to rebuild their lives.

We’re actively involved in preparing meals and providing essential goods to support the disadvantaged members of our community.


Empowering youth stands as a central pillar of our Rotary club’s mission. Through workshops, mentorship, and dedicated support, we strive to foster wellbeing among our teenagers. A notable program we facilitate is Love Bites, emphasising the importance of respectful relationships. 

Our commitment to nurturing our youth aims to pave the way for a brighter, more harmonious future within our community. By focusing on the forthcoming generation, we endeavour to uplift the quality of life for our community and its future families.


Over the past few decades, our planet’s wellbeing has suffered. We’re deeply passionate about fostering a more sustainable, clean, and green world. 

Through initiatives like tree planting, recycling campaigns, beach cleanups, and engaging workshops on sustainability, our goal is to raise awareness and educate our community on making a meaningful impact during our time on Earth. Join us in our efforts to create a positive change in our environment.


 Post-COVID, the surge in mental health challenges has been alarming. Our club is dedicated to equipping our community with the necessary tools to address these issues. 

Through our flagship projects, Move for Mindfulness and the Domestic Violence campaign, we aim to provide support and understanding of holistic practices and support systems. These initiatives are designed to assist individuals in battling mental health illnesses while fostering a more supportive community environment.

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