Meet Our Amazing Members​

Adam Beverley

ICT Management

Adrian Nathaniel

Financial Impact Consultant

Alex Kyriakides


Alexandra Ortiz

International Relations Student

Alisha Firehock


Andrew Longsdale


Angie Bell

MP - Member of Parliament

Angie Nipedal

Human Resources and Business Services

Candice Olivier

Social Entrepreneurship

Agustina Caballero

Marketing and Communication

Austen Hancock


Brett Maloney

Corporate Sales

Christian Hammerle

Financial Planning

Carey Cam

Content Producer

Celeste Schubiger

Sustainability Advocate

Christian Nipedal

Psychology, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Jordan Abrahams


Dominica Darrington

International Service

Guy Murphy

Solar Energy Consultant & Aerial Photography

Jessica Hall

Digital Marketing Manager

Luke Heka

Mens Medicine Charity

Kasia Brzezicka

Business Development & Sales Training Specialist

Meagan Martin

All That Media

Kim Hanskamp

Photographer/Visual Artist

Nancy Katsimberis

Utilities Consultant

Marlie Jolanda

Marketing Conversion Coach

Marc Nuss

International Rescue Services

Tasia Koimtzidis

User Experience Designer

Patrick Mauder

Accounting & Leadership​

Brooke Gibson

Learning & Development Business Partner

Megan Franklin

Essential Oils & Yoga Education

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