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Move for Mindfulness

During Mental Health Awareness Month in May, we host workshops aimed at raising awareness and equipping individuals with essential tools for mental health. Our initiative, Move for Mindfulness, has been crafted to aid our community in combating mental health issues. Our emphasis lies in providing holistic tools—like Yoga, Qi Gong, Guided Meditation, Breathwork, Animal Flow, and Sound Healing—that can be integrated into everyday life. Join us at our upcoming Move for Mindfulness event on May 7th and make a positive impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Love bites program

Our program on respectful relationships aims to educate teenagers about identifying positive and negative indicators in relationships. Love Bites serves as a Respectful Relationships Education Program tailored for young individuals aged 15-17 years. 

It’s composed of two engaging workshops: one dedicated to Relationship Violence, and the other focusing on Sex and Relationships. These workshops are followed by creative sessions and community campaigns. Love Bites offers flexibility, allowing for a full-day or multi-session delivery approach. The program underscores the significance of a comprehensive commitment to respectful relationship education across schools in the Gold Coast area.

Serving our People

Our club maintains a strong partnership with Serving Our People, one of Australia’s rapidly expanding charities. Originating amidst the global pandemic in March 2020, this organization was established with a mission to assist and aid those facing hardship by providing essential support to anyone in need. Serving Our People has flourished into a mobilized force, comprising over 2,100 dedicated members across SE QLD & NSW, committed to aiding their community during crises and challenging times.

We take pride in the expansion of our support efforts nationwide, now capable of delivering 19,000 meals and over 1,000 bags of groceries annually to households in need. Through complimentary pick-up and drop-off services, our volunteers ensure the delivery of critical goods, benefitting over 55,000 recipients. Yet, this is merely the beginning of our journey. We’re intensifying our focus, expanding our team, and innovating our approaches to serve the Australian population better.

As we persist in our mission to assist all Australians, our aim is to instigate tangible and meaningful change within our communities.

Disable surf Association

We’re committed to ensuring that individuals of all abilities enjoy the incredible experience of surfing while maintaining the highest safety standards globally. Our goal is to spread joy by creating unforgettable moments and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

Our volunteering opportunity invites active participation in providing a fun, secure, and welcoming environment for individuals with disabilities to experience surfing. No prior surfing experience is necessary to join us—just bring your enthusiasm and willingness to make a difference! Come, be a part of this incredible journey!

Heal.ed Tribe

Heal.ed Tribe is a charity that advocates for & supports the mental health journey of young people. We provide connection with community, support structures, healing modalities and relief for impacted individuals in their time of need. Our organisation provides practical skills and training for future resilience, growth and success in an ever challenging world.

Our aim is to empower communities to create change in the area of youth mental health. To help raise community understanding around mental health concerns, support young people in need while educating them to understand their worth, and raise a voice to mental illness. Our programs encourage our Youth to believe in a brighter future where their mental wellbeing can be nurtured and where they are part of a community that understands and supports.

Containers for Change

Our club is dedicated to the ethos of recycling and reusing containers. Whether it’s a Rotary meeting or a casual gathering among friends, our members consistently contribute by recycling cans and bottles throughout the year, striving to foster a more environmentally conscious world. The funds generated through the Container for Change initiative are channeled directly into our club’s funds. These funds are instrumental in spearheading innovative projects throughout the Gold Coast, aimed at enhancing the overall wellbeing of our community.

Bali Water Project

Water filters have never been more needed than NOW.

In Bali, water from the tap is not drinkable. So either people go and buy bottled water, which is expensive OR they boil water, on wood or gas, which also costs money.

With COVID 19, most of the local people in Bali have lost their jobs and livelihoods have disappeared. Borders are closed, there are no tourists anymore and tourism represents 80% of Bali’s economy.

Help us help those in need.

Critical COVID 19 Support – India Govt

The club collaborated in a global grant to assist critical healthcare support for the Indian Government and the region of Goa alongside the Rotary Club Of Panaji Riviera 3170 to support and aid pre and post COVID 19.

Baby Give Back

We have been working with BGB for twelve months supporting the organisation with hands on help on a weekly basis sorting through donated baby goods this includes cleaning and safety checks of car seats and prams. During the festive season the volunteers also assist with preparing hampers.

AGAPE Outreach

Our club have supporting this organisation since 2019 with assistance feeding the homeless, collecting clothing donations and preparing hampers for the disadvantaged members of our community

Wings Community Organisation

Volunteers have been supporting the founder with social media creation, hands on volunteering for fundraising events, curating fundraisers and assisting with product sales.

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